holy quadruplets, batman!

I love photographing children’s birthday parties. It’s always a great way to combine a fun portrait shoot with great candids. This party was just about four times as fun as any other party I’ve ever done because the party was for FOUR dashing, charming little quadruplet boys.   It was AMAZING. First of all, I must say that these were the most well behaved, two-year old boys I have ever met. As anyone who photographs any children will tell you, trying to get four toddlers to cooperate for the same picture is a challenge and these boys were a dream come true. And check out the outfits! This mom has the most fabulous style in every way…this was one of my favorite shoots ever! Here are some highlights of the boys. I think I’m in love… with ALL OF THEM!

First, check out the outfits. Could they be any more fabulous?



 I had such a great time with this family, the party was so much fun and clearly these little ones are going to be serious heartbreakers. Thanks for letting me be part of a really special birthday party!