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About Me

One of my earliest memories is sitting in the red velvet seats of the Alvin Theater in NYC, waiting for the Broadway production of “Annie” to begin, I was eight years old. The orchestra started the overture and I sobbed out of sheer excitement and complete overwhelm. It was a life defining moment. Nine years later, my father took me to buy my first SLR 35 mm camera for my high school graduation. Howard Jones “Things Can Only Get Better” played on the radio in the car. This would be my OWN camera. Once again, I sobbed out of sheer excitement and complete overwhelm.

These two moments have defined my journey as an actor/photographer/storyteller. I spent my early career as a passionate yet underemployed actor – my biggest claim to fame being a long running Geico commercial (and yes, that dress did make me look fat). But life behind the lens beckoned, and in 2005 I won a car at a Dodgers game and sold it to buy a whole lotta professional Nikon gear.

Sixteen years later, I have photographed hundreds upon hundreds of moments filled, emotion rich weddings, which beautifully unfold and are a thrill to capture. From the anticipation of the getting ready, to the minutes before the ceremony, the "will yous" and "I dos," and, of course, the party to follow, the elements of these celebrations create the most incredible photographs. My background in theater and film helps me tell the story of your day through my images.

Being a great wedding photographer requires much more than taking a great photo. You will spend more time with your photographer than just about any other vendor on the day of your wedding, as will your family. It’s important that your photographer be someone you feel comfortable with, and someone who will make your families and friends feel relaxed and keep the photos a fun, seamless part of the celebration.

I take great care in doing both…to provide classic, romantic and emotion-filled images and to provide a lovely experience for my clients from the moment they first inquire, to the day of the event, to delivering their album and beyond.

I also specialize in photographing Bar and Bat Mitzvahs as well as portraits of all kinds. A major highlight of my photography career was serving as campaign photographer for Senator Barbara Boxer, during which time I had the opportunity to be in many rooms where it happened, and was honored to photograph both Barack Obama and then VP Joe Biden as well as His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

But the most precious part my life is my family, my husband Owen, son Ben, 17 and daughter, Nicola, 12. Because parenting, like planning a wedding, is indeed that magical combination of sheer excitement and complete overwhelm.